We, the people that live in Femsjö, believe that we live in an interesting and beautiful area. People have been here for at least two thousand years. In the countryside around the village you can meet different kinds of animal, such as the elk. There are numerous lakes with many different kinds of fish too. Local plant life is well documented, since the world-famous botanist, Elias Fries (1794 – 1878), grew up here. The geology is intriguing as well. The surrounding landscape bears evidence of the glacier that covered the area more than ten thousand years ago.

During the 19th century, the population of Femsjö reached its highest level. Over 900 people inhabited the area then. Many emigrated to America during this time, while others moved to bigger cities. Some immigration has also occurred in our village since then, but we still have plenty of room and visitors are always welcome.

We like to share our knowledge and local culture, both past and present. Information about our nature, culture and history will be found here.